Friday, May 27, 2016

Rockwired Radio Profiles #641 - Bruce Mountain Band

It's hard to dismiss rock n roll has being dead when you've got a band based out of Inland Empire issuing the fattest, most unapologetic rock n roll sound that we've heard in a while. The band is BRUCE MOUNTAIN BAND and their debut album ANOTHER LOST DAY is a big album with some pretty big ambitions in a time when five-song EPs and digital singles are all the rage. Comprised of Southern California music scene veterans, the band is releasing this 16-song opus on 2-disc vinyl - the kind of release that their big rock n roll sound deserves. The album is catalog of love and life gone wrong and right without a riff or a lyric wasted. The moments to remember here are the  blistering rock anthem SHINE ON, the slow-burning WOMAN and the closing acoustic ballad (more of a gentle headbanger) LONG WAY HOME. 

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