Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Rockwired Radio Profiles #640 - The Rye Brothers

The unofficial rule here at ROCKWIRED is that country music doesn't figure into the sort of listening experience that we want folks to have when tuning into our podcast but when the "country music" is actually good it leaves us having to explain ourselves. This is the case with the fledgling band THE RYE BROTHERS. We first became acquainted with RYE BROTHERS co-founder JUSTIN FOUTZ fives years ago when he was a solo country rock artist with the kind of magnetism that should've made him a bigger and better deal than that goober BLAKE SHELTON but we're happy to see his resurface with this project along with friend and singer-songwriter PAUL JUSTIN. At the moment the band has a sturdy set of songs available through SOUNDCLOUD which can be accessed through their site. It's not exactly an official release but if you ask us these are top notch country rockers that are ready to roll thanks to so some rather fine production work by producer TIM HUTTON. In a time when rock has been largely country-fied and and country music has take on more pop and rock characteristics this should be an arrangement that should work out well for both FOUTZ and JUSTIN. 


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