Monday, May 9, 2016

Rockwired Radio Profiles #639 - Soles Of Passion

The pursuit of rock n roll is a precarious one with twists and turns with everybody from parents to society in general telling you that you need to get a real job. Well STEVEN WOLFE and MYLA SNOW both had real jobs in the mortgage industry and being based in Southern California who the hell could blame them? After years of climbing the corporate ladder things came to screeching halt with the stock market crash of 2008 where two found themselves with front row seats to witness the deadening of the American Dream with the foreclosures displacing and disenfranchising millions. If the mortgage industry was shaky, the need for playing music felt stronger than ever and the two set out to form SOLES OF PASSION. There was to be nothing escapist about this new musical endeavor. The duo set out to release music that spoke to life and the hopes and despairs  that come with it in a world full of classism and inequality. Displacement - an issue that hit close to home for both of them was a theme addressed in their 2012 album BUMP YOU UP and it's single GOT ME SURROUNDED . Now they are back with the single TAX SLAVES which precedes the forthcoming album ESCAPE FROM JURISDICATION B. The funky track combines elements of rock with rap and highlights the absurdity of a tax code that is designed to keep the poor struggling. Creating music that speaks to the struggles of people is the only business there is for SOLES OF PASSION and we are eternally grateful. 

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