Sunday, May 8, 2016

Rockwired Radio Profiles #638 - Athena

Los Angeles is city that gets a bad rap and a lot of times for good reason but for some it's a chance to pursue a better life and maybe even get your name in lights. That is certainly the case for singer-songwriter ATHENA ANDREADIS (who simply goes by ATHENA) but the Greek-born, London-raised artist has already known acclaim and chart success on her native continent with her three previous releases. A year ago, the rising star set up shop in Los Angeles and found herself  blessed with inspiration and under the tutelage of producer ETHAN ALLEN (BEN HARPER, SHERYL CROW, BETTER THAN EZRA). An expansive catalog of songs was filed down to thirteen tracks which will be released as a trilogy comprised of two EPs and on LP. Recorded at  THE VILLAGE the forthcoming EP READY FOR THE SUN is a five-song recording that showcases an artist ready to reach out to a broader audience. ATHENA and ALLEN have brought such rousing songs to life such as the plucky opening track YOU BRING ME LUCK and the soaring ballad AUTOPILOT. So far, the City of Angels agrees with this rising talent and it's only a matter of time before ATHENA's brand of heartfelt, soul-searing pop rock finds it's way into the consciousness of a public that wants something deeper to listen to. 


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