Monday, January 18, 2016

Rockwired Radio Profiles #615 - Death Valley Dreams

Yes the road to rock n roll glory is a long and winding and sometimes you run into dead ends and cul de sacs. There is no one route that works the same for anybody so there is almost no way to advise one to tread the shaky ground of this here music industry but a fellow like NICK COYLE could be a textbook example of how not to give up. NICK COYLE first hit the scene in a big way with the band LIFER and later DRAMA CLUB. ROCKWIRED first became acquainted with him three years ago when he had formed the band STARDOG CHAMPION with members of BREAKING BENJAMIN. A year later he broke off on his own and released a solo album which boasted a more electronic side to his songcraft. Now the past has caught up with NICK in a sense but it's paying off artistically as well as musically. He has formed his newest band DEATH VALLEY DREAMS with guitarist JON NOVA who was a guitarist from DRAMA CLUB and together they've created a straight-forward rock sound punctuated by icy electronics. While a a couple of the tracks on their recently released debut EP such as the punchy opener WORDS LIKE FIRE may bring back a memory or two of the likes of ECHO AND THE BUNNYMEN or THE CHURCH, DEATH VALLEY DREAMS is far from being a mere nostalgia act. This newest chapter in COYLE's musical journey is an exciting turn of events and we get a sense that this outfit is in this for the long haul. 

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