Thursday, January 14, 2016

Rockwired Radio Profiles #614 - Silvertung

Maryland is where I grew up so when someone comes out of the the "Old Line State" and makes some noise I naturally want to join in on the commotion and share the news with the world. Back in 2014 we gave it up for the band SILVERTUNG and their album DEVIL'S IN THE DETAILS which boasted the singles such as the hit NEVER TOO LATE, COMING ALIVE, JUSTIFY and DEJA VU. Comprised of singer/guitarist SPEED, lead guitarist ZZ, bassist SKOOT, and drummer DANNO, SILVERTUNG had and continue to create a tremendous buzz in their own backyard  but 'DEVIL'S IN THE DETAILS' has given the band some favorable attention throughout the United States and have given them spots on some rather desirable rock festivals. Now SILVERTUNG is back with a new single and music video called FACE THE MUSIC - a headbanging ode to the perseverance that it takes to survive in a music. Sounds pretty damn autobiographical to me. FACE THE MUSIC is the first offering from their upcoming album OUT OF THE BOX where the band is teamed up once again with producer STEVEN WRIGHT (AVRIL LAVIGNE and SLIPKNOT). 


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