Monday, June 27, 2016

Rockwired Radio Profiles #648 - Red Tide Rising

There was a time when rock n roll was a dream that guys strove for  but now it's all about survival and the band RED TIDE RISING wears the survival on their sleeve proudly. And you thought that MAD MAX-styled figure on the cover of their latest EP VOICES was just them being cute but for music that's all about surviving a world that's on the brink of coming apart, the sleeve is all the more purposeful for what ends up being a five-song concept album. The hard and heavy sound and the subject matter have even made a strong impression on the band's recent live shows with lead singer ANDREW WHITEMAN taking to the stage in ROAD WARRIOR get up. Produced by MIKE LUCE of DROWNING POOL, VOICES is a step in the right direction creatively and given the recent chart action the EP has seen - commercially. This is indeed a classic case of survival of the fittest.

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