Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Rockwired Radio Profiles #643 - Michael Todd

You can't make up a story like MICHAEL TODDs' career in music. The guy has been a professional musician since the age of eight along wit his brother in a touring musical act called - quite expectedly - THE TODD BROTHERS. The two siblings traveled alongside a magician which only adds magic to this already magical and musical life . Music has taken this guy all over the world whether the gig was by a campfire or a subway platform in New York City or with his band THE WILD FRONTIER opening for such acts as STARSHIP, BJ THOMAS, PAM TILLIS and LORRIE MORGAN. All of the passion and romanticism that goes  with the territory of being a dyed in the wool troubadour finds it's way onto TODD's first ever solo album CRASHLAND. These songs of longing and and searching are given that little something extra  with TODD's soulful rasp and the albums sparse acoustic instrumentation. Intimacy and heart are in abundance on this album  and in a time where music is more about grand sonic splashes, MICHAEL TODD proves that less is indeed more. Hell, it's downright beautiful.


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