Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Rockwired Radio Profiles #569 - James Rawson

Dubbing his fresh electro indie pop vibe "like a side project between BEETHOVEN and The Postal Service," JAMES RAWSON draws from his passions for classical music, English literature, and social justice to create TRISTAN & ISOLDE, a compelling 10 track song cycle which portrays how love blooms from ruins. Named for RICHARD WAGNER's 19th Century opera of the same name, the cycle - which follows the singer's well received 2012 debut EROICA (named for BEETHOVEN's 3RD SYMPHONY) - is artfully divided into three thematic parts: 1) TRISTAN's journey; 2) ISOLDE's journey and 3) TRISTAN's and ISOLDE's ability to create healing and wholeness together, culminating in the dreamy, soulful closing number LOVE BUILT A CITY.

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